Justin Bieber Comes to Selena Gomez's Defense in Public Outburst- Here's What He Said!


Justin Bieber recently came to the defense of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, after she openly broke down during a performance. The pop star took to social media to express his support for Gomez and publicly defend her.

Gomez had an emotional moment on stage during her performance at the American Music Awards. As she sang her new single, "Lose You to Love Me," the emotions overwhelmed her, and she couldn't hold back her tears. The raw and powerful lyrics of the song, which many speculate is about her past relationship with Bieber, seemed to hit close to home for her.


Understanding the vulnerability Gomez displayed, Bieber took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message. He began by expressing his thoughts on her performance, acknowledging the difficult work that goes into putting on a show. Bieber conveyed his appreciation for her talent and commended her for being courageous enough to be honest and transparent with her audience.

However, he went on to address the negativity that Gomez has faced in recent years. He urged his fans to show empathy and compassion towards her, highlighting that she is a person who is dealing with her own struggles and emotions.


Bieber made it clear that he believes it is important to support and uplift one another, especially during difficult times.

The Canadian singer emphasized the significance of mental health and reminded his followers that celebrities, like Gomez, are not immune to struggles. He encouraged others to be generous with their kindness and understanding.

Bieber's defense of his ex-girlfriend comes as no surprise to fans who have been following the former couple's journey. In the past, the two have had a turbulent relationship, going through breakups and makeups.


However, in recent years, they seem to have found peace and closure in their separate lives.

Despite their romantic history, Bieber's support for Gomez shows mature growth and a genuine concern for her well-being. It also serves as a reminder that love and respect can remain intact even after the end of a romantic relationship.

This public display of support from Bieber has sparked positive reactions from fans and the media. Many have praised his gesture, applauding him for standing up for Gomez during her vulnerable moment.


Bieber's words serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding, not only towards celebrities but towards everyone.

Ultimately, this heartfelt defense from Bieber showcases the significance of supporting one another, even when relationships change or end. It serves as a reminder that kindness can bridge gaps and heal wounds, sending a powerful message of love and compassion to fans worldwide.