The Walking Dead's Original Ending is Much Better Than the TV Show's Finale


Get Ready for The Walking Dead's Mind-Blowing Original Ending!

The Walking Dead Universe: A Never-Ending Saga

The Walking Dead TV show may have come to a satisfying conclusion, but the universe it has created is far from over. With multiple spin-offs in the works and two new series renewed for second seasons, The Walking Dead franchise is AMC's biggest moneymaker. Despite the series finale wrapping up loose ends and providing closure for the main characters, there was an original ending that was shot but ultimately scrapped.


This alternate ending may have suited the overall narrative of the series much more and left a lasting impact on fans.

A Different Path From the Comics

Unlike the Walking Dead comic books, where the story ends with the death of Rick Grimes and a time jump to his son Carl as an adult, the TV show took a different route. The finale of the show featured the downfall of Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth, the death of Rosita, and Daryl leaving the group to find Rick. The inclusion of Rick and Michonne in the epilogue gave fans hope for their reunion, but it felt more like a setup for their spin-off series rather than a definitive ending.


The Original Ending: A More Definitive Conclusion

The original ending of The Walking Dead finale would have provided a more satisfying and conclusive ending to the series. It featured an older RJ and Judith leading survivors back to their communities, continuing the legacy of their parents. The scene ended with RJ identifying himself as Rick Grimes over the radio, mirroring the pilot episode. This original ending would have tied up loose ends, given fans a glimpse into the future, and provided a sense of closure that the official ending lacked.


A Missed Opportunity for a Full-Circle Moment

While the series finale managed to wrap up the story in a satisfactory manner, the decision to include a new coda scene with Rick and Michonne detracted from the overall impact. The original ending, with its focus on the next generation of survivors and Rick's continued search for fellow survivors, would have provided a more hopeful and conclusive conclusion. It would have brought the series full circle and given fans a sense of closure that the official ending failed to deliver.


Looking Towards the Future

As the Walking Dead universe continues to expand with new spin-offs and series, there may still be a chance for the original ending to be shown. With the next generation of survivors taking center stage in future stories, there's potential for the original ending to provide a more epic conclusion that ties all the spin-offs together in a meaningful way. While the series may have ended, the world of The Walking Dead is far from over, and the original ending may yet have its day to leave a lasting impact on fans.