Preview of Episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 9: Duty Calls


"The Obliged" is the title of the fourth episode of the ninth season of the popular television series, "The Walking Dead." In this upcoming episode, tensions reach a boiling point as certain characters are forced to confront their obligations and make tough decisions.

As the war against the Saviors continues, Rick Grimes finds himself caught in a situation where he must confront his duty as a leader and weigh it against the potential sacrifices he has made. The episode will delve into the consequences of Rick's actions and how they impact those around him.

Meanwhile, Maggie Rhee is faced with the difficult task of dealing with a prisoner who has been causing trouble within the community. As tensions rise, Maggie must decide how she will handle the situation and what it means for the future of her leadership.


On the other hand, Michonne is struggling to find balance between her responsibilities and her personal desires. She finds herself torn between her duties as a leader and her need to take care of the people she loves. Michonne's internal struggle will be explored in "The Obliged," shedding light on her complex character.

Overall, "The Obliged" promises to be an intense episode, focusing on the obligations and burdens that come with leadership in a post-apocalyptic world. The episode will delve deep into the moral dilemmas faced by these characters and explore the consequences of their choices. Viewers can expect significant character development and emotionally charged scenes as the story progresses.