MOM and Girlfriend Pranked by TikTok's Hilarious Wigofellas - A Side-Splitting Day 105!

This article provides an overview of the TikTok videos created by a user named Wigofellas, featuring pranks on his mom and girlfriend. The videos are part of a series titled "Wigofellas TikTok Pranks Day 105."

Wigofellas, the creator of these videos, has gained popularity on TikTok for his humorous and sometimes controversial pranks. In this particular series, he targets both his mom and girlfriend, showcasing his mischievous antics.

The videos are uploaded daily and display a variety of pranks performed on his unsuspecting subjects. These pranks range from light-hearted jokes to more extreme and elaborate scenarios. Wigofellas appears to take great pleasure in executing these pranks and capturing the reactions on camera.

The pranks on his mom often involve harmless tricks, such as unexpected scare tactics or surprising her with unexpected gifts. These videos elicit laughter from viewers as they witness the unsuspecting mom's genuine reactions to the surprising events. Wigofellas' pranks on his mom seem to be based on a lighthearted and playful dynamic, with no apparent harm intended.

In contrast, the videos featuring pranks on his girlfriend appear to be more controversial and raise ethical concerns. These pranks involve deception and often result in her feeling genuinely upset or distressed. In one video, for instance, he tricks her into believing that he has cheated on her, causing her great emotional distress. While these pranks may evoke strong reactions from viewers, they also raise questions regarding boundaries and consent within relationships.

Wigofellas' TikTok series has generated a significant following, with viewers eagerly awaiting each new video. The comments section is filled with a mix of praise for his humor and criticism for the ethical implications of his pranks, particularly those involving his girlfriend. Some viewers find these pranks to be entertaining and innovative, while others express concern for the emotional well-being of those involved.

In conclusion, the TikTok videos by Wigofellas, titled "Wigofellas TikTok Pranks Day 105," showcase his pranks on both his mom and girlfriend. While the pranks on his mom are generally harmless and designed to induce laughter, the pranks on his girlfriend have generated controversy due to their deceptive and emotionally distressing nature. These videos have garnered a significant following, prompting discussions about the ethics and boundaries of pranks in relationships.