Trendy TikTok Prank Battles: Wigofellas' Hilarious Tricks on Mom and Girlfriend!

The article discusses various pranks that TikTok user, Wigofellas, has played on his mom and girlfriend. These pranks are documented through videos on the social media platform, TikTok, and have been ongoing for 103 days.

Wigofellas is known for his comedic pranks, and his videos have gained a significant following. In his pranks on his mom, he often plays tricks on her to elicit funny reactions. Examples of these pranks include hiding her phone, pretending to spill water on her, or scaring her with a fake spider. These videos showcase his mom's genuine reactions, which are often met with laughter and amusement from viewers.

In addition to pranking his mom, Wigofellas also plays tricks on his girlfriend. Similar to his pranks on his mom, his pranks on his girlfriend are intended to bring humor and entertainment. Some of the pranks include pretending to cheat on her, scaring her with a mask, or tricking her into believing something is wrong with their pet. These pranks are often met with surprise and laughter from his girlfriend, highlighting the lighthearted nature of their relationship.

The article emphasizes that the pranks have been ongoing for 103 days. This implies that Wigofellas is dedicated to consistently creating prank videos and maintaining engagement with his followers. By continuing to release videos, he is able to build anticipation and a dedicated fan base, who eagerly await his next prank.

Overall, the article highlights the popularity of Wigofellas' prank videos on TikTok. His pranks on his mom and girlfriend have gained traction, and his comedic approach appeals to viewers who enjoy light-hearted entertainment. Furthermore, the 103-day streak of prank videos demonstrates his commitment to entertaining his followers and keeping them engaged. As a result, it is likely that Wigofellas will continue to gain popularity and expand his audience as he consistently produces entertaining prank videos on TikTok.