Revamping our Fiddle Leaf Fig: Taylor and Jeff share the repotting process!

Taylor and Jeff, a couple who loves gardening and taking care of their houseplants, recently decided to repot their fiddle leaf fig tree. In an article on their website, they shared their experience and provided helpful tips for others who may be considering repotting their own fiddle leaf fig.

The couple began by explaining that repotting is necessary when a houseplant outgrows its current pot or when the soil becomes compacted and drains poorly. Repotting provides the plant with fresh soil and encourages healthy root growth.

To begin the process, Taylor and Jeff first gathered all the necessary tools and materials. These included a larger pot with drainage holes, fresh potting soil, a tarp or newspaper for easy cleanup, and gloves to protect their hands.

Next, they carefully removed the fiddle leaf fig from its old pot, gently loosening the roots with their hands. They advised being extra gentle with the roots as they can be delicate and sensitive to damage.

Once the plant was free from its old pot, they took the opportunity to inspect the roots. Any damaged or rotten roots were trimmed off to promote new growth. They also noted that if the plant had become root-bound, where the roots are tightly packed in a circular pattern, they gently loosened the roots to help them spread out in the new pot.

After preparing the plant, Taylor and Jeff turned their attention to the new pot. They added a layer of fresh potting soil at the bottom, ensuring that the fiddle leaf fig would be at the right height in the new pot. They then placed the plant in the new pot, making sure it was centered and upright.

Next, they filled the pot with fresh potting soil, gently patting it down to eliminate any air pockets. They advised not to pack the soil too tightly as this can restrict root growth.

Finally, Taylor and Jeff watered the plant thoroughly, allowing the water to drain out through the bottom of the pot. They emphasized the importance of watering the plant regularly after repotting to help it adjust to its new environment.

In conclusion, Taylor and Jeff shared their experience of repotting their fiddle leaf fig tree and provided helpful tips for others considering the same. They emphasized the importance of using the right tools, being gentle with the roots, and ensuring proper drainage and watering. By following these steps, their fiddle leaf fig is now thriving in its new pot and they hope that others can have similar success with their own houseplants.