Kickstarting the Holidays: Festive Home Decor, Shopping Spree, and Day 1 of Vlogmas | Taylor and Jeff

In this video by Taylor and Jeff, the couple kicks off the holiday season with a festive home decor shopping trip. Although not officially starting their vlogmas, they visit HomeGoods to find decorations and items to bring the holiday cheer into their home.

Taylor and Jeff start their day by heading to HomeGoods, excited to see what festive treasures they can find. They enter the store and are immediately greeted by various holiday decorations, including wreaths, ornaments, and Christmas stockings. Taylor is particularly excited about the wreaths and admires their variety before eventually selecting one she loves.

Moving through the aisles, Taylor and Jeff browse the different sections, exploring various holiday-themed items. They come across adorable reindeer figurines, snow globes, and Santa Claus decorations. Their enthusiasm is infectious as they marvel at the assortment of holiday trinkets available.

Next, they go to the candle section, where Taylor expresses her love for scented candles and how they add to the cozy atmosphere of the holidays. They find a few candles with delightful holiday scents and decide to purchase them, excited to fill their home with the comforting fragrance.

After exploring different areas of the store, Taylor and Jeff head to the checkout counter, where they pay for their purchases. They are happy with the items they found and discuss their plans for incorporating them into their holiday decor.

Leaving HomeGoods, Taylor and Jeff visit a different store to search for a specific item they couldn't find at HomeGoods. They are determined to find the perfect ornament to represent their new puppy, Leo. They browse through various shelves, exploring different designs and styles until they finally find the ideal ornament that resembles their adorable furry friend.

Back at home, Taylor and Jeff begin decorating their house, starting with the wreath they bought. Taylor carefully places it on their front door, delighted with how it instantly adds a festive touch to their home. They then proceed to decorate the interior, placing ornaments on their Christmas tree and arranging holiday-themed items throughout their living space.

In conclusion, Taylor and Jeff's first day of vlogmas (ish) revolves around a trip to HomeGoods to find festive decorations for their home. They explore the store's holiday offerings, selecting items that bring joy and holiday spirit. Excited about the upcoming season, they can't wait to continue their festive preparations.