Justin Bieber Rushes to Selena Gomez's Defense as She Emotionally Collapses

Justin Bieber has come to the defense of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, after she experienced a highly emotional breakdown recently. The singer took to social media to express his support and love for Gomez, amid concerns about her mental health and wellbeing.

Gomez, who has openly discussed her struggles with anxiety and depression in the past, reportedly suffered a panic attack while being treated at a hospital for a low white blood cell count. Bieber, who dated Gomez on and off for several years, publicly addressed the situation on Instagram, expressing his disapproval and frustration with those who criticize Gomez during her difficult times.

In his post, Bieber wrote, "It's outrageous that some people are attacking Selena Gomez for her emotional breakdown. It's disgusting to see how people can be so heartless. I hate this."

His comments came after a tumultuous period for the former couple. Bieber recently tied the knot with model Hailey Baldwin, just months after ending his long-term relationship with Gomez. News of Gomez's breakdown quickly spread, prompting Bieber to speak out against the lack of empathy and compassion shown towards her.

It is not the first time Bieber has shown support for Gomez in public. Last year, when Gomez underwent a kidney transplant due to her battle with lupus, Bieber was also quick to offer his well-wishes, stating that he would always have love and respect for her.

Gomez has been open about her mental health struggles, and she has previously taken breaks from her music career to focus on her well-being. Her openness has inspired many fans and helped reduce the stigma around mental health. However, it has also attracted criticism and judgement from some individuals.

Bieber's public defense of Gomez highlights the depth of their past relationship and his concern for her. It also serves as a reminder that celebrities are people too, facing the same struggles and emotional challenges as everyone else.

It is essential to remember that mental health should not be taken lightly, and those going through difficult times deserve love, support, and understanding. The high-profile nature of Gomez's breakdown should serve as a reminder to be empathetic and kind towards those dealing with mental health issues.

Bieber's heartfelt message to Gomez demonstrates the power of words and the importance of standing up for loved ones, especially when they are facing difficult times. As Gomez continues to navigate her journey towards improved mental health, she can find solace in the support of those who care about her, including her former flame, Justin Bieber.