Hilarious TikTok Pranks: Wigofellas Strikes Again with Epic Gags on Mom and Girlfriend!

The article discusses the TikTok pranks performed by a group called "Wigofellas" on their mom and girlfriend. These pranks have been documented on their TikTok account for 118 consecutive days.

The group, known as Wigofellas, has gained popularity on TikTok for their elaborate and often hilarious pranks. They regularly prank their mom and girlfriend, capturing their reactions and sharing them with their followers.

The pranks range from simple antics to more elaborate schemes. They have done everything from hiding the mom's favorite snacks to surprising their girlfriend with fake bugs. The group members carefully plan each prank to ensure a good laugh at the expense of their loved ones.

Their pranks on their mom often target her love for food. They have hidden her snacks, replaced her coffee with decaffeinated counterparts, and even switched out her favorite foods with healthy alternatives. Through it all, their mom takes the pranks in stride, laughing along with them and sometimes even getting revenge by pranking them back.

Pranks on their girlfriend involve more light-hearted and humorous situations. They have surprised her with fake bugs, switched out her shampoo for a similar-looking substance, and even pretended to propose to her. Their girlfriend is a good sport and takes the pranks in good humor.

The group meticulously documents their pranks on TikTok, uploading a new video every day for 118 consecutive days. Each video captures the moment of surprise and the subsequent reactions of their mom and girlfriend. Their followers eagerly await each new prank, often leaving comments expressing their amusement and appreciation.

The popularity of Wigofellas' TikTok pranks has skyrocketed, with their account gaining thousands of followers. Their videos have garnered millions of views, and they have become a source of entertainment for many on the platform.

In conclusion, the group known as Wigofellas has been performing hilarious TikTok pranks on their mom and girlfriend for 118 consecutive days. These pranks range from simple antics to elaborate schemes, often targeting their mom's love for food and their girlfriend's good humor. The popularity of their videos has seen their TikTok account gain thousands of followers and millions of views.