Teacher Makes Students Address Themselves In A Mirror Before Class 'To Start Their Day Off Right' —This teacher deserves a raise 👏

As an elementary school teacher, I encourage my students every morning to look in the mirror and say positive words to themselves. This simple and heartwarming activity has become a part of our classroom, helping the children build confidence and spread positivity.

The children stand in front of the mirror, and a confident boy says, "I'm not afraid of anything!" Another girl proudly declares, "I am red!" Another child confidently says, "I am healthy!" Each child finds something to be proud of and confident about, and these simple yet sincere words fill our classroom with warmth and encouragement.

I firmly believe that every child has unlimited potential, and this activity helps them believe in themselves. I see confident smiles on their faces, and I know they believe they can do anything.

As a teacher, I strive to influence these children and boost their confidence. I encourage them to say, "I can do anything!" The children, under my encouragement, repeat, "I can do anything! I believe in myself!" These words not only fill them with confidence but also make me proud and satisfied.

This simple activity has become a way to spread positivity in our classroom, and every day is filled with hope and positivity. I believe that these children have a bright future ahead because they have learned to believe in themselves and face everything in life with courage. This is the positive message I aim to convey as an elementary school teacher.