Yung Miami Opens Up About JT Severing Ties: A Candid Reflection on Their Relationship

Yung Miami, one half of the popular rap duo City Girls, recently opened up about her fellow bandmate JT cutting her off. In a recent interview, Yung Miami shed some light on the situation and shared her thoughts on the matter.

Yung Miami disclosed that JT, whose real name is Jatavia Johnson, has essentially stopped communicating with her. The pair, known for their exciting and energetic performances, have been inseparable both personally and professionally for years. However, since JT's release from prison earlier this year after serving over a year on fraud charges, the dynamic between the two has noticeably changed.

According to Yung Miami, while JT was still incarcerated, they maintained a close relationship and talked every day. Yung Miami supported JT throughout her prison sentence, and the two even released their hit album "City On Lock" during that period. However, since JT's release, their once-strong bond has weakened, and Yung Miami is unsure of the reasons why.

Yung Miami expressed her frustration, saying that she has been trying to reach out to JT but has been met with silence. She added that it has become difficult for her to deal with the change and questioned why JT has cut her off. Yung Miami also mentioned that she is confused and hurt by JT's actions, especially after everything they have been through together.

Despite the strained relationship, Yung Miami remains hopeful that they will eventually work things out. She revealed that she still loves JT and wants to continue making music together. She believes that they can overcome this hurdle and maintain their successful partnership.

Yung Miami's openness about the situation has sparked concern among fans. Many are speculating about the potential reasons behind JT's behavior and expressing their support for Yung Miami. The duo's fans have been quick to offer words of encouragement, expressing hope that this is just a temporary setback and that the City Girls will soon be back on track.

This revelation from Yung Miami sheds light on the current state of affairs between her and JT. While the reasons behind JT cutting off communication remain unclear, Yung Miami's desire to reconcile with her bandmate indicates that there may still be a chance for the City Girls to reunite and continue their musical journey together. Only time will tell what the future holds for the dynamic duo.