Wigofellas' Hilarious TikTok Pranks: Mom Edition, Girlfriend Edition, and Making It to Day 128

The article discusses a series of pranks carried out by a TikTok user named Wigofellas. The pranks target both the user's mother and girlfriend, providing entertainment for TikTok viewers. The article specifically focuses on day 128 of the pranks.

Wigofellas is known for his creative and humorous pranks, which he regularly posts on TikTok. In this particular video, he decides to target both his mother and his girlfriend, creating a double dose of entertainment.

The first prank involves Wigofellas pretending to be asleep in his mother's bed. As his mother walks in, she is startled to find him sleeping there. Her initial shock quickly turns into concern as she tries to wake him up, shaking him and calling his name. However, Wigofellas remains unmoved, pretending to be deep in slumber. This prank not only surprises the mother but also amuses the viewers who anticipate her reaction.

The second prank focuses on Wigofellas' girlfriend. He decides to hide a fake spider in her bed with the intention of scaring her. When she enters the room and sees the spider crawling over the sheets, she lets out a blood-curdling scream and jumps back in fear. Wigofellas quickly reveals the prank, laughing at his girlfriend's reaction. Although she is likely relieved, the comedic effect entertains both the viewers and the prankster.

Wigofellas' pranks are popular on TikTok due to their unique and clever nature. Each prank is carefully orchestrated to maximize surprise and amusement. By targeting both his mother and girlfriend, Wigofellas creates a diverse range of engaging content for his followers on the platform.

While pranks can often be controversial, Wigofellas ensures that his pranks are lighthearted and harmless, focusing on humorous reactions rather than causing distress. He maintains a playful and fun atmosphere throughout his videos, ensuring that his viewers can enjoy the pranks without any negative consequences.

Overall, Wigofellas' TikTok pranks on both his mother and girlfriend have gained attention for their entertainment value. Day 128 showcases the pranks he carries out, providing a glimpse into his creativity and ability to surprise his loved ones. With each prank, Wigofellas aims to entertain and amuse his viewers, and his pranks continue to be a hit on TikTok.