Unnecessary Grey's Anatomy Death Fans Still Can't Get Over


So many characters have been killed off, but only a few are still missed by fans.

Grey's Anatomy is not only famous for being almost the best portrayal of the hospital world, as its romantic side is also its big trademark.

The show features a power couple, Meredith and Derek, until season 11, when McDreamy gets shot and tragically dies.

But aside from them and their story, there are several other storylines that fans feel could have easily been given more screen time.

In fact, the show has always been full of surprises when it comes to new pairings, but of course, some are more memorable than others.


For example, the romance between Teddy Altman and Henry Burton. Sure, Teddy had enough different love interests, but among all of them, fans thought that it was Henry that could have been "the one."

But the writers made sure that never happens, and killed off Henry's character tragically. Fans still consider it as one of the most heartbreaking moments of the show.

Even though it's been years since Henry's death, viewers still haven't gotten over it.


Reddit is full of comments where fans agree that they can't accept Henry's death.

He's been called one of the best non-doctor characters, he was smart, fun to watch, and what's more – fans say he was actually Teddy's best love choice, and her character blossomed with him.

Fans agree that Henry and Teddy's romance deserved much more screen time, and the duo could have been one of the show's best couples.

Their romance came through a marriage of convenience plot, and watching them come to terms with their feelings for each other was incredibly enjoyable.


And they had a lot of untapped potential that could have been developed in the future.

Fans are still angry and sad about how Henry's storyline ended, especially since there were a lot of ways to keep him in the show, or at least make his exit temporary.

Still, there's nothing we can do now except rewatch the episodes with him and enjoy them again.

Grey's Anatomy is available for streaming on fuboTV, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Its 19th season airs on ABC, with the new episode, Come Fly With Me, to premiere on May 4.