The Rap Pioneer's Take: Jay-Z, Classic Hits, First Battles, and Cold Crush Chronicles

Grandmaster Caz recently sat down for an interview on People's Party, where he discussed various aspects of his legendary career in hip-hop. The conversation covered topics such as his influence on Jay-Z, the iconic track "Rapper's Delight," the first rap battles, and his experiences as a member of the Cold Crush Brothers.

One of the first topics discussed was the influence Grandmaster Caz had on Jay-Z. Caz revealed that he was unaware of Jay-Z's admiration for him until he heard Jay-Z's song "A Million and One Questions." Grandmaster Caz was surprised to find that Jay-Z had used his lyrics in the song, which led to a conversation between the two rappers. Caz acknowledged Jay-Z's talent and expressed his gratitude for the recognition.

Moving on, the interview delved into the significance of "Rapper's Delight," a track that is often credited as the first mainstream rap hit. Grandmaster Caz clarified that although he did not appear on the original recording, he was involved in the creation of the lyrics. He explained how the song came about during a session at Sugar Hill Records and revealed that some of the lyrics were borrowed from a tape he had made. Caz emphasized the impact and longevity of "Rapper's Delight," highlighting its role in introducing rap music to a broader audience.

The discussion then shifted towards the early days of rap battles, with Grandmaster Caz providing insight into the first battles he participated in. He recalled an instance where he faced off against DJ Disco Wiz, a legendary DJ from the era. Caz emphasized the friendly and creative nature of these early battles, highlighting the mutual respect between artists and their desire to entertain and impress each other with their skills.

Lastly, the interview explored Grandmaster Caz's experiences as a member of the Cold Crush Brothers, one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history. Caz reflected on their rise to prominence and the dynamics within the group. He discussed the challenges they faced as they transitioned from battling other groups to creating original music, ultimately achieving success and becoming pioneers in the genre.

In summary, Grandmaster Caz's interview on People's Party covered various aspects of his influential career in hip-hop. It touched upon his influence on Jay-Z, his involvement in the creation of "Rapper's Delight," the early rap battle scene, and his experiences as a member of the Cold Crush Brothers. The interview shed light on Caz's impact on the genre and provided valuable insights into the early days of hip-hop.