Unveiling the Secrets: A Review of Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2


The article discusses the second episode of Season 6 of the television series "Fear The Walking Dead," titled "Welcome To The Club." The episode is analyzed and several Easter eggs in the episode are explained.

The episode focuses on each character's struggle to find their place in the post-apocalyptic world. The group encounters a new survivor, Wes, who is searching for his sister. As they help him, tensions rise as they debate whether to trust him or not. Meanwhile, Morgan and Alicia find themselves in a dangerous situation when they are trapped in a submarine, surrounded by the undead.

The review of the episode highlights the strong character development, with the various members of the group facing their own personal challenges while trying to survive. The episode also explores the themes of trust, loyalty, and sacrifice.


The article then proceeds to explain the Easter eggs in the episode. These hidden references or clues are intended to delight fans of the series. One Easter egg in this episode is a nod to the original show, "The Walking Dead," with the inclusion of a character inspired by a comic book counterpart. Another Easter egg is a callback to a previous episode, with a prop appearing in the background that links back to a previous event.

In conclusion, the article discusses the second episode of Season 6 of "Fear The Walking Dead" and its exploration of character development, trust, and sacrifice. It also highlights the inclusion of several Easter eggs that reference the larger "Walking Dead" universe.