MOM Pranked by TikTok's Wigofellas - Hilarious Girlfriend Pranks - Day 98 of Wigofellas' TikTok Pranks!

The content of this article is about a social media influencer group called "Wigofellas" who specializes in pulling pranks on their loved ones. The article specifically focuses on their pranks on the mother and girlfriend, which were documented on TikTok for day 98 of their prank series.

The "Wigofellas" group became famous on TikTok for their hilarious and sometimes outrageous pranks. They have a large following and are known for their creativity in coming up with new ways to trick their loved ones. In this particular video, they decided to target their mother and girlfriend.

The video starts with the group planning their pranks, discussing different ideas on how to surprise their mother and girlfriend. They wanted to make sure their pranks were entertaining and not harmful, as their intention is purely for fun and entertainment.

The first prank they pulled on their mother involved convincing her that they had accidentally broken an expensive vase. They set up a fake scenario where they pretended to stumble and drop the vase, causing it to shatter into pieces. The mother's reaction was priceless as she was shocked and distressed, believing that a valuable item had been destroyed. After a few moments, the "Wigofellas" revealed that it was just a prank, and the vase was actually safe and sound.

The second prank targeted one member's girlfriend. They decided to pretend that the girlfriend had won a substantial amount of money in a lottery. They created a fake ticket and even printed out a fake notification letter. They made sure to capture her genuine excitement and joy at the supposed win. However, just as she was about to celebrate, they revealed that it was all a prank, and she had not actually won anything.

Throughout the video, the group highlighted their loved ones' reactions, showing their initial shock and subsequent relief when they realized it was all in good fun. They emphasized the importance of having a lighthearted approach to pranks and ensuring that no harm is done to the people involved.

The "Wigofellas" group has gained massive popularity on TikTok due to their humorous and entertaining pranks. They continue to entertain their followers with new and creative pranks that target different individuals in their lives.

In conclusion, the "Wigofellas" group is known for pulling pranks on their loved ones, as seen in their TikTok videos. In this particular video, they pranked their mother and girlfriend, bringing humor and entertainment to their followers. Their pranks were harmless and aimed at creating amusement without causing any distress or harm. The group's popularity continues to soar as they consistently come up with unique and funny ideas for their pranks.