Tremble at the Undead Stalkers S05E15 Sneak Peek | 'News at Five'


The article discusses the trailer for the upcoming episode of Fear the Walking Dead, titled "Channel 5". The episode is set to be the fifteenth installment of the fifth season.

The trailer begins with a voiceover from the show's protagonist, Morgan, played by Lennie James. He talks about how they are fighting for the future and the things that matter. The rest of the trailer showcases various scenes and characters from the episode.

One of the main focuses of the episode seems to be on Morgan's relationship with Grace, played by Karen David. They share a moment in the trailer where Grace tells Morgan that she hasn't shown him what she can do yet. It hints at a potential romantic connection between the two characters.


Additionally, the trailer also shows a cryptic scene where someone is seen burying what appears to be a small coffin in the ground. The identity of this person and the significance of the coffin is left a mystery, adding to the anticipation for the upcoming episode.

Overall, the trailer for Fear the Walking Dead S05E15, titled "Channel 5", promises an action-packed and emotional episode. With its focus on Morgan and Grace's relationship and the mysterious burial scene, viewers are left eager to find out what will happen next in the show.