Dread the Striding Undead S06 E11 Glimpse | 'Nowhere Compares to Here'


The article discusses a sneak peek of episode 11 of the television show "Fear the Walking Dead." The title of the episode is "There is No Place Like This." The sneak peek reveals some intense and dramatic moments from the upcoming episode.

The video begins with a group of survivors, including the main characters of the show, standing outside of a seemingly abandoned building. They are considering whether or not to enter the building, as it may hold potential dangers. The group debates and expresses their concerns, revealing the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

One character acknowledges that the world they live in is constantly changing, and they must be prepared for anything. Another character suggests that they should gather more information before deciding whether or not to enter the building.


As tensions rise, the group begins to argue and question each other's motives. The sneak peek ends with a close-up shot of a door handle being turned, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger, uncertain of what lies ahead.

Overall, the sneak peek of "Fear the Walking Dead" episode 11 shows the characters facing a challenging situation, unsure of whether to enter the building and what dangers they may encounter within. It highlights the constant fear and uncertainty that they must navigate in their post-apocalyptic world. The episode promises to be full of suspense and intense moments that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.