Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl Set to Reunite 13 Years After 'Grey's Anatomy'


Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl, former co-stars on Grey's Anatomy, are set to reunite for an intimate conversation as part of Variety's series that pairs actors together. This will be their first reunion since Heigl left the show in 2010.

Last year, Pompeo defended Heigl on her podcast, acknowledging that Heigl was right when she spoke out about the long work hours they had on Grey's Anatomy. Pompeo praised Heigl for being honest and ballsy in her statements, emphasizing that she wasn't lying.

Heigl faced criticism for being difficult to work with after her departure from the show.


However, she maintained that she was misunderstood and expressed her frustration with being labeled as ungrateful or difficult.

In 2008, Heigl stirred controversy when she refused to submit herself for an Emmy Award nomination, stating that she didn't believe she was given material worthy of the nomination.

During a 2009 appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, Heigl criticized the long work hours, calling them "cruel and mean."

Heigl's mental health also suffered, and she sought professional help in 2015 due to extreme anxiety.


She shared that she felt like she would rather be dead and emphasized the importance of seeking help and medication such as Zoloft.

The upcoming conversation between Pompeo and Heigl offers a chance for them to reconnect and discuss their careers and lives. It represents an opportunity for reconciliation and reflection on their time working together on Grey's Anatomy.