The Evolution of Glenn's Fate in 'The Walking Dead' Universe


A Glimpse into Kirkman's Vision

In the tumultuous world of "The Walking Dead," character deaths are not only inevitable but also pivotal moments that shape the narrative. One such moment, the death of Glenn Rhee, almost took place much earlier and under vastly different circumstances than what fans ultimately witnessed.

Original Plans Unveiled

"The Walking Dead Deluxe #77" sheds light on creator Robert Kirkman's original vision for Glenn's demise, revealing that he initially intended to kill off the character twenty-five issues earlier.


In an intriguing Q&A letter, Kirkman divulges his original storyline for Glenn, providing fans with insight into the character's alternate fate.

Unexpected Reprieve

Despite Kirkman's initial intentions, Glenn's death was postponed, with the character receiving a reprieve in "The Walking Dead #75." Kirkman admits that while he fully planned to kill off Glenn, he found himself unable to do so when the pivotal moment arrived. This decision altered the trajectory of the series, offering Glenn a stay of execution that lasted for several more issues.


The Impact of Glenn's Fate

Glenn's eventual death, orchestrated by the nefarious Negan in "The Walking Dead #100," remains one of the most significant and haunting moments in the franchise's history. Reflecting on Kirkman's original plans highlights the character's enduring importance and underscores the profound impact of his ultimate fate on both the narrative and the fan community.