Heartbreaking : Sarah Drew's Grey's Anatomy Exit Leaves Fans in Tears, Unearthing April Kepner's Untold Fate! 💔😢


GREY'S ANATOMY fans will remember Jackson's ex-wife on the show April Kepner. But what happened to her - and why did Sarah Drew leave?

Back in season six of Grey’s Anatomy, April was introduced in the hospital’s merger with Mercy West Hospital.She was initially disliked by her colleagues due to stepping on some former character’s toes, as well as her crush on Dr Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

However, her biggest storylines came later on as she addressed her religious beliefs as well as growing closer to Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).


She and Jackson were best friends moving over from Mercy West together in their initial introduction.、

After this April resigned from the hospital to pursue a career in providing medical care for the homeless, making her final appearance in the season 14 finale.Many viewers were sad to see her go and wondered why the actor decided to leave the series.Drew was initially only contracted for two episodes before she signed on for the remainder of season six.Then in season seven, Drew became a member of the main cast and went on to star in 202 episodes of the ABC show.