The OG Outlander actor who won't be returning for season 8 - despite fans being desperate for a return


Spirit of Outlander: A Farewell to Tobias Menzies

Outlander fans around the world were left heartbroken this week as Tobias Menzies confirmed that he will not be returning for the final season of the beloved show. Menzies, who has portrayed both Frank and Black Jack Randall since Outlander first premiered in 2014, has been an integral part of the series. Despite the fact that both of his characters are deceased, fans had held out hope for his return through flashbacks and dream sequences.

Disappointing News: Tobias Menzies Bids Adieu to Outlander


In a recent interview with TVLine, Menzies broke the news that he will not be reprising his roles in the upcoming season. While some fans may have seen this coming, it was still a blow to many who had hoped for his return. His departure leaves a void in the Outlander universe that will be hard to fill. However, Menzies had some positive words to share about the show's prequel, Blood of My Blood, currently in production.

The Legacy of Frank and Black Jack Randall: A Reflection on Tobias Menzies

As fans continue to eagerly await the release of the second part of the seventh season, they are left to ponder the impact of Tobias Menzies' departure on the show's future.


His portrayal of both Frank and Black Jack Randall brought depth and complexity to the characters, making them unforgettable to viewers. While his absence will be felt, there is no doubt that Menzies has left an indelible mark on the Outlander series.

Looking Ahead: A New Chapter for Outlander without Tobias Menzies

As Outlander enters its final season without Tobias Menzies, fans are left to wonder what the future holds for their favorite characters. While his presence will be sorely missed, the show must go on, and new storylines and characters will undoubtedly capture the hearts of viewers. The spirit of Outlander lives on, and the show's dedicated fanbase will continue to support it as it embarks on this new chapter.