Our Journey to Istanbul: Caring for a Limping Mother Cat's Health


In Istanbul, a team of good-hearted individuals decided to aid a struggling mother cat and her kittens. The cat, known for her limping, was in dire need of a check-up. The compassionate people brought her to a vet clinic in Istanbul to ensure her well-being.

The mother cat had been living on the streets, struggling to take care of her little ones. Her limping was a cause for concern, and the team of rescuers knew they had to act. They named her "Aysel" and arranged transportation to the vet clinic.

Upon arrival at the clinic, Aysel underwent a thorough examination to determine the cause of her limping. The veterinary team carefully assessed her injuries and discovered that she had several fractures in her leg. In addition, they found internal parasites that needed immediate attention.


The clinic provided Aysel with proper medical care, including medication for her injuries and parasites. They took X-rays to monitor her progress and administered the necessary treatments. The dedicated team also made sure to vaccinate Aysel and her kittens against common illnesses.

After receiving much-needed medical attention and care, Aysel and her kittens were transported to a loving foster home where they could continue their recovery and receive the attention they deserved. The compassionate individuals behind this act of kindness were determined to ensure that Aysel and her kittens would have a chance at a better life.

The story of Aysel and her journey to Istanbul for a vet check-up serves as a reminder of the kindness and selflessness that still exists in our world. It also highlights the importance of providing timely medical care to animals in need.