Murderer of XXXTentacion Fully Confesses to Killing the Rapper during Armed Robbery


In a shocking turn of events, the murderer of rapper XXXTentacion has given a full confession to the armed robbery killing of the musician. The devastating incident that took place in June 2018 had left fans and the music industry in disbelief, and now an apparent breakthrough in the case has emerged.

According to reports, the unnamed suspect has admitted to being involved in the robbery and murder of XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy. The confession follows his recent arrest for unrelated drug and firearms charges. Authorities have not disclosed any potential motives for the crime.


The 20-year-old rapper was tragically gunned down outside a motorsports dealership in Florida as he was leaving. The assailants allegedly made off with a Louis Vuitton bag, which is said to have contained $50,000 in cash.

Since XXXTentacion's murder, fans worldwide have mourned the loss of the young talent who had quickly risen to fame. Known for his emotional and intense music, the rapper had amassed a large following, who affectionately called themselves the "XO Clan." His songs frequently covered topics such as depression, self-harm, and mental health issues.

The breakthrough in the case brings a glimmer of hope for justice and closure for XXXTentacion's loved ones and fans alike. The confession suggests that progress is being made in identifying and apprehending those responsible for the young rapper's untimely demise.


Authorities have not provided further details about the investigation or any possible accomplices involved in the crime. The suspect's arrest for unrelated charges may indicate that law enforcement was closing in on him before the confession.

While this confession is a significant step towards resolving the high-profile murder case, it is essential to remember that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The suspect will be subject to due process and will have an opportunity to defend himself. The outcome of the trial will determine his guilt or innocence.

The music industry and XXXTentacion's fans eagerly await further updates as the investigation continues. The tragic loss of such a talented young artist has had a profound impact on the industry, fostering discussions about the safety of musicians and the mental health challenges they face.

For now, the full confession of the alleged murderer is a beacon of hope that justice will be served in XXXTentacion's case. As the legal process unfolds, the world will be watching closely, hoping for a resolution that brings solace to the rapper's grieving family and closure to his adoring fans.