Drake's Feud Infiltrates Trial of Armed Robbery Murder Challenging XXXTentacion


Rapper Drake's ongoing feud with late musician XXXTentacion has resurfaced within the context of an armed robbery murder trial. The trial surrounds the case of Trayvon Newsome, one of the four men accused of murdering XXXTentacion in 2018. Newsome's defense attorney argues that the beef between Drake and XXXTentacion was a significant factor that led to the fatal altercation.

During the trial, Newsome's defense attorney aims to highlight how Drake's alleged involvement in the dispute intensified tensions between the two artists. The attorney claims that their conflict influenced the robbery and subsequent murder. Newsome's defense seeks to establish that the violent encounter may have stemmed from this ongoing feud and not simply from a robbery gone wrong, as previously believed.


The feud between Drake and XXXTentacion began when Drake was accused of biting XXXTentacion's flow on an unreleased song. This prompted a response from XXXTentacion, further escalating their animosity. The defense argues that this background information is crucial in understanding the motives behind the crime.

Although Drake has not been directly implicated in the murder, Newsome's defense team believes that his alleged interference contributed to the escalation of the situation. The defense attorney aims to demonstrate to the jury that this highly publicized beef played a significant role in the events leading up to XXXTentacion's death.

As the trial continues, the involvement of two prominent figures in the music industry sheds light on the potential influence of feuds and rivalries within the context of violent crimes.