Interrogation of XXXTentacion's Step-Uncle by Defense Attorney Unveils Controversies Surrounding Robbery Shooting


The step-uncle of the late rapper XXXTentacion was questioned by the attorney representing one of the accused killers. During the trial, the defense lawyer grilled him about an armed robbery shooting that took place before XXXTentacion's murder.

The step-uncle, Robert Allen, was confronted by the lawyer of Dedrick Williams, one of the four men facing charges in the rapper's murder case. The attorney focused on Allen's involvement in an armed robbery that occurred months prior to the fatal shooting. The defense argued that Allen, along with another individual, targeted a man and shot him during the robbery.


During the cross-examination, Allen admitted to being present at the scene but denied any involvement in the shooting. He claimed that he had just become aware of the attorney's allegations and insisted he was not armed during the incident.

The defense questioned Allen's credibility and suggested that he may be trying to protect himself by shifting blame onto others. The attorney presented phone records that allegedly placed Allen near the scene of the armed robbery shooting. However, Allen countered that he often lent his phone to friends and that the records did not prove his participation.

The trial continues, with the defense attempting to paint a different picture of events leading up to the murder of XXXTentacion. The defense hopes to create doubt regarding Williams' involvement in the crime and the reliability of the prosecution's witnesses, including Allen.