Dirty And Unkempt, The Student Arrived At School | AITBA


A student arrives at school wearing dirty clothes, causing concern among staff and prompting action. The incident occurred at the American International School of Lagos (AISL), where the principal, Mr. Kentebe, noticed a student appearing unkempt and wearing unclean clothes. Recognizing the potential impact on the student's well-being and behavior, Mr. Kentebe decided to investigate the matter further.

Upon questioning the student, it was revealed that the child's parents were currently facing financial difficulties, leading to a lack of resources for clean clothing. Concerned for the student's welfare, Mr. Kentebe reached out to the school community to raise funds and gather donations to support the student and their family.


The response was overwhelming, with staff, parents, and even students coming forward to contribute towards the cause. The school held a clothing drive, resulting in an abundance of clean clothes being donated. In addition, monetary donations were collected to assist the family with other necessities.

The generous support from the AISL community allowed the student's family to access the resources they needed, alleviating their financial burden and ensuring that the student could attend school in clean clothes. This act of compassion and solidarity demonstrates the importance of empathy and support within school communities.

Overall, this article highlights an instance where a student's appearance prompted action, leading to support from the school community. The incident sheds light on the challenges that some families may face and emphasizes the significance of coming together to help those in need.