Walking Dead Theory Reveals Rick & Michonne's Spinoff Ending Is Hiding In Plain Sight


### Rick and Michonne's Foreshadowed Ending in The Ones Who Live

In the second episode of The Walking Dead spinoff, The Ones Who Live, the possible ending of Rick and Michonne's journey may have already been heavily foreshadowed. The anticipation surrounding the endgame of their new adventure has sparked much speculation, as their actions could potentially shape the future of the franchise. With the Civic Republic Military (CRM) serving as their main adversary, the fate of Rick and Michonne may ultimately determine what lies ahead.


#### The Likelihood of CRM Survival

Given the hints of a potential Walking Dead crossover, it seems plausible that the CRM will prevail despite any challenges in The Ones Who Live. Rick and Michonne may find themselves in a position to outsmart, but not necessarily defeat, the CRM. Such a scenario could pave the way for an epic miniseries event where they, along with other familiar faces like Daryl, Maggie, Morgan, and Negan, team up to take down the antagonistic organization once and for all.

#### Theory: Confrontation Through Fire


A prevailing theory suggests that rather than simply evading the CRM, Rick and Michonne may orchestrate the downfall of the organization. This strategic move could result in a definitive win for our protagonists while closing the chapter on the CRM's reign of terror. The imagery of fire, prominently featured in the series, hints at a fiery showdown as Michonne contemplates taking down their enemies using this destructive element.

#### The Ultimate Sacrifice

As the stakes escalate, the daunting task of dismantling the CRM poses a significant risk to Rick and Michonne.


Their audacious plan to extinguish the powerful military force may ultimately demand a sacrifice on their part, potentially leading to a bittersweet conclusion. With the specter of death looming over them, Rick and Michonne must weigh the cost of saving the world against their own survival.

### Conclusion

The outcome of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live remains uncertain as Rick and Michonne navigate the treacherous landscape of the CRM. The series teeters on the brink of a dramatic finale that could alter the course of their lives forever. Whether they emerge victorious or succumb to the perils of their mission, Rick and Michonne's legacy will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the Walking Dead universe.