"The Tiniest Bit Would Kill Us": Walking Dead Admits Using Zombie Guts as Camouflage Makes No Sense


**The Danger of Zombie Guts Camouflage in The Walking Dead Deluxe #83**

In The Walking Dead Deluxe #83, the use of zombie guts as camouflage is a common survival tactic for the survivors. However, a two-page gag comic featured in the Deluxe issue titled "Small Bites" points out the inherent dangers of this tactic. While wearing Walker skin may help the survivors blend in with the undead, it also puts them at risk of infection if even the smallest bit of guts enters their system.

**Questioning the Logic of Walker Ponchos**


In the gag comic, Rick creates 'Walker ponchos' for the survivors to wear as they attempt to escape a building surrounded by Walkers. Although the plan ultimately fails, everyone remains safe while wearing the 'ponchos'. However, the comic highlights the fact that any contact with zombie guts could lead to infection, raising questions about the logic behind using Walker skin as a disguise in the first place.

**Addressing Unrealistic Survival Tactics**

While The Walking Dead series has consistently portrayed survivors using zombie guts as camouflage without addressing the risk of infection, "Small Bites" brings attention to the potential consequences of this tactic.


If a survivor were to accidentally ingest Walker guts, they would become infected in the same way they would if bitten by a Walker. This oversight in the storytelling raises concerns about the realism of the survival tactics depicted in the series.

As seen in other zombie-themed works like 28 Days Later, the danger of infection from contact with zombie remains is a recurring theme. In 28 Days Later, a character becomes infected with the 'zombie virus' after a drop of infected blood enters his system.


This demonstrates the potential dangers of coming into contact with any part of a zombie, not just through traditional means like biting or scratching.


While The Walking Dead has long relied on the use of zombie guts as a survival tactic, "Small Bites" in The Walking Dead Deluxe #83 sheds light on the unrealistic nature of this approach. By highlighting the risks associated with wearing Walker skin, the gag comic challenges the logic of this commonly used tactic in the series. With the release of The Walking Dead Deluxe #83, fans can explore this new perspective on the survival strategies portrayed in the iconic zombie apocalypse series.