Diner Booth from Final Scene of 'The Sopranos' Up for Auction: 'The Time Has Come'


Holsten’s Auctions Off Iconic Sopranos Booth

Holsten’s Ice Cream Parlor in Bloomfield, New Jersey, made headlines by announcing an auction for the original booth that appeared in the final scene of the popular HBO series The Sopranos. The booth, where characters Tony Soprano and his family sat, has already received a top bid of over $76,000 on eBay, with two days left for interested buyers to make their offer.

A Nostalgic Farewell to Iconic TV History

The news of the auction was shared on Holsten’s official Instagram page, stating that the time had come to part ways with the seats that were once graced by actors Edie Falco, Robert Iler, and the late James Gandolfini during the dramatic conclusion of the show.


The post included a caption mentioning that the booth is in need of a makeover to maintain the nostalgia and charm of the beloved shop, reassuring customers that the essence of Holsten’s will remain intact even after the sale.

A Necessary Upgrade for Customer Safety

The decision to auction off the iconic booth was not made lightly, as emphasized by the owners of Holsten’s. Due to the age and structural integrity of the booth, which has undergone numerous repairs over the years, the safety of patrons became a primary concern.


The listing on eBay features the two red seats, the wooden table, the divider wall, and a plaque that reads "Reserved for the Sopranos Family," preserving the memory of the booth that became a symbol of the series.

Transitioning to a New Era While Preserving the Legacy

Co-owner Chris Carley expressed mixed emotions about the auction, acknowledging the sentimental value of the booth that has been a part of Holsten’s since 1973. As tourists continue to visit the famous filming location, the establishment aims to introduce a new booth that closely resembles the original, in hopes that customers will appreciate and accept the change.


Despite the nostalgia associated with the old booth, the safety and comfort of visitors remain a top priority for Holsten's as they move forward with the transition.

The Future of Holsten’s and The Sopranos Legacy

While the eBay auction for the historic Sopranos booth is set to close soon, fans and collectors alike will have a final opportunity to own a piece of television history. As Holsten’s prepares to bid farewell to the iconic booth, the legacy of The Sopranos will continue to live on in the hearts of fans, with memories of Tony Soprano and his family forever intertwined with the charm of the beloved ice cream parlor.