Outlander Must Steer Clear of These Game of Thrones Pitfalls


Crafting a Successful Narrative: Lessons from Game of Thrones

In this insightful piece, the author delves into the realm of television storytelling, drawing parallels between the beloved series Outlander and the cautionary tale of Game of Thrones (GOT). With the specter of GOT's missteps looming large, the article advocates for strategic decisions to ensure Outlander's continued success.

Learning from Mistakes: The Pitfalls to Avoid

The author emphasizes the necessity for Outlander to steer clear of the pitfalls that befell Game of Thrones. Key among these is the imperative to maintain a cohesive narrative, eschewing rushed plotlines and prioritizing robust character development.


By avoiding the temptation of sensationalism and gratuitous violence, Outlander can preserve its integrity and engage audiences on a deeper level.

Staying True to Form: A Blueprint for Success

At its core, the article champions the essence of Outlander: staying true to the source material while delivering compelling storytelling. By heeding the lessons of Game of Thrones, Outlander has the opportunity to carve its own path to greatness, ensuring that viewers remain captivated and loyal for seasons to come.