Drake's Attorney Battles Subpoena in XXXTentacion Murder Trial


Drake's lawyer is currently opposing a deposition subpoena in the ongoing trial for the murder of rapper XXXTentacion. The article mentions that the attorney representing the Canadian rapper is fighting the request to be deposed, which means giving a testimony under oath.

The trial revolves around the murder of XXXTentacion, who was fatally shot during an armed robbery in June 2018. One of the defendants' attorneys issued a subpoena to Drake's lawyer, seeking his testimony in the case. However, the attorney representing Drake is contesting this subpoena, possibly to prevent his client from having any involvement in the trial.


While the reasons behind the attorney's objection were not explained in the article, it can be inferred that he is trying to protect Drake from being connected to the murder case. As a prominent figure in the music industry, any involvement in a high-profile murder trial could harm the rapper's reputation and public image.

The trial of XXXTentacion's alleged killers has been ongoing, with multiple defendants facing various charges related to the crime. The rapper's murder deeply impacted the music community and his fans worldwide, making this trial highly significant.

By resisting the deposition subpoena, Drake's lawyer aims to prevent any potential entanglement of his client in the proceedings. Though it is unclear whether the court will uphold the objection and exempt Drake's lawyer from giving his testimony, this development highlights the lawyer's efforts to safeguard Drake's association with the murder case.