The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Cast & Character Guide


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Rick Grimes Is the Face of The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes, once the sheriff's deputy turned leader, has returned in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, portrayed by the talented Andrew Lincoln. After his departure from the main series, Rick finds himself as a cosignee for the CRM, determined to rebuild society after its fall to the walkers. His dedication to creating a better world clashes with his wife Michonne's mission to bring him home, setting the stage for a gripping love story to unfold.


Michonne Became an Iconic Character on Her Own

Danai Gurira's Michonne is a force to be reckoned with in The Walking Dead universe. Known for her iconic katana skills and unwavering leadership, Michonne embarks on a mission to bring her husband Rick back home. With a blend of strength and vulnerability, Gurira's portrayal of Michonne captivates audiences and sets the stage for an emotional reunion between the beloved couple.

Jadis Stokes/Anne Is Still an Enigma to Unfold

Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis has always been a complex character in The Walking Dead series.


From betrayal to redemption, Jadis' journey takes a new turn in The Ones Who Live as she rises in the ranks of the CRM. McIntosh's portrayal adds depth to Jadis' character, leaving fans eager to uncover the layers of this enigmatic figure.

Pearl Thorne Looks Out for Herself

Lesley-Ann Brandt's Pearl Thorne brings a new dynamic to The Ones Who Live as a rare "A" who navigates the challenges of the CRM. With a blend of ambition and loyalty, Thorne's interactions with Rick and the CRM add intrigue to the unfolding storyline.


Brandt's portrayal breathes life into Thorne's character, setting the stage for unexpected twists and turns.

Major General Beale Always Has a Corrupt Trick Up His Sleeve

Terry O'Quinn's Major General Beale commands authority in the CRM, with a dark secret lurking beneath his calm demeanor. As the Commander of the Front Liners, Beale's influence shapes the fate of those within the military organization. O'Quinn's portrayal adds a sense of unease and suspense to the series, teasing the audience with Beale's ominous presence.


Donald Okafor Has Been Rick's Saving Grace

Craig Tate's Lieutenant Colonel Donald Okafor plays a pivotal role in Rick's journey within the CRM. With a mission to change the organization from within, Okafor's actions set the stage for a showdown between loyalty and rebellion. Tate's performance brings depth to Okafor's character, highlighting the complexities of his alliances and motivations.

Nat Gives Michonne the Hope She Needs

Matthew August Jeffers' Nat becomes a beacon of hope for Michonne as they embark on a mission to find Rick.


As a skilled engineer and devoted friend, Nat's presence adds a layer of camaraderie and support to Michonne's quest. Jeffers' portrayal captures the essence of Nat's unwavering loyalty and determination, shaping his bond with Michonne.

Aiden and Bailey Carry Michonne Onto The Ones Who Live

Breeda Wool and Andrew Bachelor's characters, Aiden and Bailey, make a memorable return in The Ones Who Live as they cross paths with Michonne. Their shared journey intertwines with Michonne's mission, adding a sense of unity and resilience to the evolving storyline.


Wool and Bachelor's portrayals breathe life into their characters, setting the stage for interconnected fates to unfold.

Esteban Garcia Could Be Rick's Last Friend in the CRM

Frankie Quiñones' Esteban emerges as a crucial ally for Rick within the CRM, offering a glimpse of friendship in a world defined by power struggles. Quiñones' portrayal captures the complexities of Esteban's character, hinting at a pivotal role in Rick's journey within the organization. As Rick's self-proclaimed friend, Esteban adds a sense of camaraderie and support to the evolving narrative.


As The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live continues to unravel the intertwined fates of its characters, the epic love story between Rick and Michonne takes center stage. With a blend of action, drama, and romance, the series promises to captivate audiences and fans of The Walking Dead universe. Don't miss out on the thrilling twists and turns that await in this gripping tale of survival, loyalty, and love.

Prepare to be amazed by the unforgettable journey of Rick and Michonne as they navigate the dangers of the CRM and fight for a better world. Tune in to new episodes of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live every Sunday on AMC and AMC+, as the epic love story unfolds in the face of adversity.