Footage reveals the chilling pursuit of XXXTentacion by his assailants, affirms prosecutor's testimony.


A newly released surveillance video reveals new evidence in the case of the murder of rapper XXXTentacion. The video reportedly shows the killers tracking the musician before carrying out the fatal shooting. This footage was presented by the prosecution during the trial of one of the suspects.

The video reveals the sequence of events leading up to the rapper's murder. It shows the suspects arriving at a motorcycle dealership, where XXXTentacion was shopping. The assailants can be seen entering the store and observing the rapper from a distance.

According to the prosecutor, the video clearly demonstrates that the killers had premeditated the murder, as they followed XXXTentacion from the dealership to a nearby motorbike shop. They then blocked the rapper's car in the parking lot, preventing him from leaving. The assailants, armed with guns, are seen approaching the musician's vehicle and shooting him.


The prosecution argues that this video solidifies their case against the accused. It provides a clear timeline of events and shows the suspects intentionally targeting XXXTentacion. The footage suggests that the murder was not a random act, but a planned and deliberate crime.

The release of this video has sparked renewed interest in the case, as it reveals new details about the events leading up to XXXTentacion's tragic death. With this evidence, the prosecution hopes to secure a conviction and bring justice to the rapper's family and fans.